Short summary of «So Good They Can’t Ignore You»

This is a book about finding your mission. In this book not only author introduced a framework for dealing with mission-follow-your-passion-work-has-to-bring-pleasure problem, but he also wrote how he applied the advices, he came up with during the research, for himself.

That is what is book about: the notes on research of how people find The Dream Job. Author suggested 4 Rules:

  1. Rule 1: «Follow your passion is a dangerous advice». One of the most notable insights from this book is how this «follow you passion» concept spread after famous Steve Jobs speech. Author also notes that Steve Jobs didn’t actually applied this advice himself.
  2. Rule 2: «Be so good they can’t ignore you». There is no right work, there is just working right concept.
  3. Rule 3: «Turn down a promotion (or, the importance of control)». When you have enough career capital, your employer will try to control you more.
  4. Rule 4: «Think small, act big (or, the importance of mission)».

Besides these rules there is some nice advice to explore adjacent areas to find interesting area to work on. And notes about how author became deliberate practice oriented person.

He used to focus certain amount of time to struggle through papers, to get what they were about and purchased expensive notebook to record the results of each day work down. He also suggested «small bets» concept: little projects, which can be done in a near month time, which also help to build a career capital.

Mind map on «So Good They Can’t Ignore You»