4-stages Framework to start lying down in the direction of goal productively

This is a framework for dealing with uncertainty in a form of unclear and unshaped projects. So you can efficiently communicate about them with different parties and deliver results in the end of a journey. As we all know, one can only eat an elephant one bite at a time, so here is a breakdown to get things going.

1. Lying down in the direction of goal. There is a clear appetite or intention for the project, initiating a process or introducing changes to the existing one. There might not be any traction, or traction might be hardly noticeable.

2. Crawling towards the goal. Irregular attempts are made to pursue the goal or exploratory steps being taken to understand the appetite and landscape better.

3. Walking. In this stage, a process is beginning to take shape with distinct deliverables or artifacts being produced. There is more focus on experiments and getting first results.

4. Running. A clear process has formed and metrics or KPIs are being established. The goal is in sight, progress is accelerating and is trackable.