Short Summary of Four Steps To The Epiphany

This is a book about how to build a company around product which solves a certain problem. How to find, validate such problems, how to build a proper product adressing all the issues, how to talk to initial customers and how to build a team which will thrive following such an approach.

The book became classic and this is actually definition of something becoming classic: it doesn’t get outdated. This book is still valid good 17 years after being published and, even more, it still serves as a good book to reflect on.

In very general way it is similar to Venture Deals in regard of providing a thorough and extensive framework to understand and manage complexity in a certain field. It allows to build a system of coordinates for understanding processes and, more importantly, to understand what might be actually happenning in a company given certain facts. Of course it also covers the part what to do with such an understanding.

Another really valuable finding is the Bibliography which may serve an inspiration for a reading list for someone looking to expand the knowledge in areas of business strategy, marketing, law, finance and enterpreneurship in general.

Worth reading to anyone who learned about customer development through articles, courses, lessons and videos and hadn’t read this book yet.