Staff I don’t get

This is a brief list of things I can grasp, but can’t fully accept or relate to.

  • Hype about adding dark theme. Like it doesn’t make a lot of difference.
  • Window management concept except for the tmux / screen.
  • Watching video on YouTube fullscreen. Like, most of the time it is the same amount of visual information.
  • What’s funny of little kids miss-using words like using ‘ancient’ instead of ‘adult’ / ‘grownup’ or ‘old’. Adults are still able to understand and correct them.
  • Why people can’t discuss unpleasant stuff during the meal. Like I can discuss whatever I want to, why do many people have problem with that?
  • People watching bridging.
  • Wearing long nails manicure. This is ugh.
  • Fireworks. Those are not spectacular for me since I’m 14.
  • Circus. Never actually liked it as a kid.