How to tell media about a startup

Q: How to get free publications and coverage in the community project is interested in?

A: Media and specially news media interested in providing the hot news first. They need to be the source of new information in the world, so first step is not to release any news if you want media to publish somethin about you. Second, media loves novelty and interesting, entertaining content, so it might be useful to think about news / project in terms of novelty and interest of the audience.

One might review posts and media style to figure out the demand and how to deliver value to audience.

More ideas on how to write such a post can be found in a book Contagious: how do things catch on.


Очень краткое содержание книги «Джедайские техники»

Прочитать эту книгу мне посоветовал Антон Потапов, который очень емко и удачно характеризовал эту книгу как «это одну из наиболее практичных книг по тому, как можно вести дела, когда их больше, чем времени». Еще он сказал, что максимум пользы от чтения этой книги можно извлечь если сразу пробовать на практике то, про что в ней написано.

Этому совету я и последовал. И самое полезное, что я для себя вынес — это подход к очищению головы от мыслей с еще одной стороны. Не в смысле регулярной медитации, а в смысле регулярного очищения списка задач и выноса мыслей, которые можно не держать в голове.

Книгу можно читать чтобы получить практические советы по привидению своего списка дел в активный инструмент, а не такую штуку, которая есть у всех для галочки (pun intended). 


Staff I don’t get

This is a brief list of things I can grasp, but can’t fully accept or relate to.

  • Hype about adding dark theme. Like it doesn’t make a lot of difference.
  • Watching video on YouTube fullscreen. Like, most of the time it is the same amount of information.
  • What’s funny of little kids miss-using words like ancient instead of adult / grownup or old. Adults are still able to understand and correct them.
  • Why people can’t discuss unpleasant stuff during the meal. Like I can discuss whatever I want to, why do many people have problem with that?
  • People watching bridging.
  • Wearing long nails manicure. This ugh.

Как я читал «Рациональность от AI до Зомби»

Goodreads подсказывает, что Рациональность: от ИИ до Зомби я начал читать 31 января 2018 г, и очень рад что закончил её в декабре 2020-го. Книга не настолько скучная, или объёмная как может показаться с первого взгляда, просто скорее это не книга, а отправная точка для дискуссий, экспериментов и размышлений. Как хороший собеседник об которого можно подумать или от которого можно услышать мысль, которая заставит тебя пересмотреть вещи, к которым ты привык.

Эту книгу стоит читать если вам нравятся парадоксы, фильмы Нолана, загадки завернутые в ребус, спрятанные в шараду. А также если вы любите неожиданный и честный, циничный (в хорошем смысле слова) взгляд на вещи или искать спрятавшихся в деталях дьяволят. Еще совершенно точно стоит читать, если вы пользуетесь (ну или добавили себе) набором стикеров «Ошибки аргументации», или если вы зависали на странице List Of Fallacies Википедии и знаете что такое ad absurdum и ad hominem.

Мне книга помогла систематизировать знания о логическом и рациональном мышлении, а также найти несколько реальных красивых идей.


Fixing psycopg2 python package on Mac `ld: library not found for -lssl`

If you ever get

ld: library not found for -lssl

You should:

  1. Check you have openssl installed with brew install openssl
  2. Make sure that openssl-bindings are available in PATH: brew link openssl
  3. If the installation still fails and you are using poetry, you can try installing package with pip directly from the virtualenv.

Django way of serving apple-app-site-association

Key for solving was looking up how facebook does it at

path('.well-known/apple-app-site-association', TemplateView.as_view(

Note: apple domain association can be verified at special site.


How to build and install RGF (Regularized Greedy Forest) on Mac OS

Regularized Greedy Forest was introduced in this article. And now it is one of the approaches for efficient boosting training. However, building and installing it on Mac not yet (for November 2018) is as simple as pip3 install xgboost. So, this short note is about how to build and run RGF on Mac, if you have any troubles with it.



How to send html-formatted email

Short answer: sending .html-formatted email is rather easy, even from a local laptop. But there can be difficulties, which are not avoided easily. To begin with, the short and (hopefully) working answer:

Mac OS | CentOS | Debian

cat letter.html | mail -s "$(echo -e "Testing email\nContent-Type: text/html")"

Make sure you check the SPAM folder, as it has nearly 0 chance of getting through to your mailbox from scratch. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll have to go deeper.



How to finally stop iBooks from unloading epub and pdf files

There is a problem with iBooks: books are getting removed locally and uploaded to the cloud, if the space is running low on the device. But with iOS 11 some users experience unwanted file upload even when there is no space shortage.

And there lots of topics and discussions all over the web, starting with official help site, Reddit, macrumors.

UPD: There is not way to guarantee proper behaviour. That is an official Apple Support:

There isn’t a way to prevent iCloud from offloading downloaded books. The best advice is to redownload a book before leaving a Wi-Fi connection, if you know you may be not near one later. You can also leave feedback requesting that feature, as we do like to hear ideas and suggestions for our products. You can leave your feedback using this link: Select iOS Apps > Books


These are some options that you can try, but they are probably won’t help:

  1. Remove iBooks
    Reinstall it from AppStore
    Download all the books.It might be useful also to do this afterwards:Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > iBooks: OFF
    Reboot iPad
    Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > iBooks: ON
    Launch iBooks
  2. Check the appropriate settings, stop iCloud syncing at: Settings > iBooks >Sync Collection: OFF
    Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > iBooks: OFF. And then upload books to the device using wire, or just get them through Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex.Disk or etc).As the downside, your notes won’t sync, but you will keep the books on your device.
  3. There is yet another hack to stop iCloud from deleting books: turning airplane mode.
    iBooks can't unload books, if there is no internet




Overcoming long Spark job runtime on small datasets

If you are dealing with relatively low datasets < 1M entries (and you just have to use Spark for some reasons), significant speedup can be achieved with tuning (lowering) number of partitions.

Basically, setting `spark.default.parallelism` param to number of cores and `spark.sql.shuffle.partitions` to something like 20 (instead of default 200), will allow you to receive significant speedup, since Spark won’t lose time on shuffling RDDs and generating large number of tasks.


Another useful link.