Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Since even books from Nobel prize laureates need an introduction, in brief: this book worth reading. Humans are known to be illogical and trust instincts up to the point when finding a penny left in a copy machine results in statistically significant improve in the results of life satisfaction questionnaire.

Simple event, such a finding a dime can improve how people feel about their lives — think about more complex and pleasant or not so events, which can occur during one’s life. And, as said in the conclusion, this might be the best takeaway from a book: « recognize the signs that you are in a cognitive minefield, slow down, and ask for reinforcement from your conscious self».

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Краткое содержание книги «Organized Mind»

В этой книге Daniel Levitin рассказывает о том, как структурировать информацию и организовывать свою жизнь. Причем организовывать в данном случае приравнивается к «приводить в порядок».

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